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Merge columns in Excel (Combine)

If you have a customer information where each column contains certain details such as the first name, last name.
What we want is to merge the two columns to one. so that the result would look similar to this:

Tool location: Add-Ins →Excel Tool Box → Merge Columns: Shortcuts: (Alt + X + X + G )

The sample table: merge columns.xlsx

Select the cells with the values you want to merge column by column in your Excel worksheet.

Open the Merge Columns pane by clicking on: Add-Ins →Excel Tool Box → Merge Columns or pressing the Shortcuts: (Alt + X + X + G ).

Add the first column: First Name

Click the Add Column > button: Add the columns that you want to merge:

In between columns to enter additional characters: ', ' ( Commas and Spaces, Can also enter other characters you want), then Click the Add Text > button.

Add The second column: Last Name

Click on the down arrow and select column 'Last Name' from the drop-down list, then Click the Add Column > button.


Click the OK button:


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