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Save or Split Each Worksheet Of One Workbook As Separate Excel Workbook

Using Split Wizard, you can divide an Excel file of multiple work sheets into several new Excel files each containing one of the work sheets of the original one.
If you have workbook with multiple worksheets as shown in the following screenshot and you want to save each worksheet of the workbook as an Excel file.

Tool location: Add-Ins →Excel Tool Box → Save Each Sheet As Separate Workbook: Shortcuts: (Alt + X + X + W )

The sample table: save sheet as workbook.xlsx

Open the Save Wizard pane by clicking on: Add-Ins →Excel Tool Box → Save Each Sheet As Separate Workbook or pressing the Shortcuts: (Alt + X + X + W ).

A list of worksheets of the workbook in the left list, please double click the left list or Click the 'Add>>' button and add the worksheet you want to save as a Separate Excel file to the right list.

Click the 'Browse' button to select output directory. (The default is the current workbook directory) 

Click the 'Save' button.


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Copyright Excel-Tool All rights reserved