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About us

Excel-tool is an organization of software developers who are seeking to deliver effective, economical solutions to individuals and to small and medium-size businesses that use computers for either software development or simply as an assistant to everyday life.

Excel-tool has an outstanding team of software developers that continuously creates and optimizes new reliable and practical tools for a vast number of customers. Since many years have held the user continuously supremely, the technical service development idea, serve sincerely for the user, assist the user to enhance the office efficiency, tedious EXCEL operation simplification.

Excel-tool has one to have the specialized quality and the fine consciousness service team, provides the prompt convenience for ours customer the post-sale service, “the friendliest service” will carry out in each time service process, will make the post-sale customer satisfaction rate to maintain in the very high level.

Our clients include: Large companies and government entities, tax lawyer,IT companies, corporations, finance companies and numerous individual users worldwide.

Contact information:

Tech support: support@excel-tool.com

Any suggestions, comments, technical questions and bug reports, etc.


Sales department: sales@excel-tool.com

Any question about sales, order, pricing and discount information, license code, registration, and upgrade etc.


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