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  Excel Tool SQL Query


Excel Tool SQL Query is a add-in for Excel that allows you to query using SQL within the Excel application itself.

It can run a SQL Query on an Excel Spreadsheet. You may use the SQL statement every day to search the data in ACCESS, and then import the data in ACCESS to EXCEL, handwriting SQL sentences searching is both time-wasting and it's a hard sledding, also it is easy to get wrong, this software can solve the listed problems. It allows you to create SQL queries by clicking and arranging visual elements instead of writing SQL code even if you don't understand SQL. It can query Access, Excel Using SQL and execute SQL insert sheet for excel data in seconds. With the software you will spend less time, effort and frustration moving data between your Excel and Access.

This Excel Tool SQL Query software's advantages:

Easy to manipulate, even if do not know SQL it is also very easy to use.

Powerful, you can generate most of the SQL code by setting.

If you became very familiar to this tool then you are very familiar to SQL sentences.

With Excel Tool SQL Query software you can:

Query Access Data Using SQL.

Query Excel Data Using SQL.

Filter the Access/Excel Data In Excel.

Sum Data By Fields.

Merge Multiple Sheets.

Merge Excel Files On Same Path..

Split Excel Sheet by Fields.

Current Version: 2014.7.20
File Size: 2.73(MB)
Platform: Windows2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows8//Windows8.1.
Software requirements: Microsoft Excel 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010//2013
PurchasePrice: $28.95

Sum Access Data By Fields. Video Tutorial: Sum Access Data By Fields.avi

Sum by 'ProductID'

Result is:

Filter the ACCESS Data Video Tutorial: Filter the ACCESS Data.avi

(ProductID='A1006' And Country='USA')

Result is:

Merge Multiple Sheets Video Tutorial: Merge Multiple Sheets.avi

Merge Worksheet USA, Worksheet Spain, Worksheet Netherlands, Worksheet Germany, and so on.

Result is

Split Table by Fields Video Tutorial: Split Table by Fields.avi

Split Sheet Report by Country Fields.

Result is

Create Two Dimensional Table Video Tutorial: Create Two Dimensional Table.avi

Set ProductID to (Column Fields), Set Country to (Group By), Set Quantity to (Sum)

Result is

Advanced Filter ( Query A1003, A1006, A1009 ) Video Tutorial: Advanced Filter.avi

Query these ID: A1003, A1006, A1009

Result is:

SQL Lookup Video Tutorial: SQL Lookup.avi

Export 'Mode' in worksheet A to worksheet B.

Result is:

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